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butterflies in my chest
a fluttering heartbeat
red crosses my cheeks like you cross my mind
and when you take over my thoughts
nothing else matters anymore
i can move forward a little more than before

below my ribs
flowers are growing
something inside me is alive again
and you're all the soil and the sun and the rain i need
to keep it alive for as long as i am

words fall flat and i can't quite describe
how you make me come alive when you're near me
or the way my world brightens up right where you're standing
as if life is growing up through the cracks beneath your feet
and then fades without you there to give it light

you are the stars' proudest creation
the best parts of the cosmos in your heart
and in your eyes that twinkle like the skies
at night when the world is at its most lovely

in so few words you make me melt where i stand
warm with affectionate thoughts and a gentle smile
and a love that's deeper than my own self-hatred
i finally found my worth in your arms
i'd like you to keep in mind this is poetry written by a man for another man
KalineReine Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Professional Writer
So beautiful... :love: 
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November 21, 2016


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